About us

Victorian Gardens is a traditional family amusement park with one-of-a-kind handcrafted rides, brilliantly designed to complement the historic architecture of Central Park.

Victorian Gardens first opened its gates to the general public in the summer of 2003. The idea to house an amusement park on Wollman ice skating rink was inspired by a the Zamperla family who saw an incredible opportunity to utilize the 50,000 square foot facility not only in the winter, but all year long. After negotiations with the Conservancy and Parks Department, the Zamperla family established Central Amusement International (CAI), and plans to design Victorian Gardens commenced.

With rides that are specifically geared to ages 2-12 years old and can also accommodate adults of all sizes, Victorian Gardens has the unique ability to cater to its niche market in a safe and controlled environment. Our intimate setting allows parents to relax, while their children experience the joy of discovering the magic of an amusement park.

Because we know how precious your children are to you, we value the traditional approach in delivering family fun and entertainment and hold fast to our mission: “to provide a safe, friendly, and clean environment with amusement and entertainment activities in order to create a memorable experience for the entire family”.